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Anti-stress massage

A big problem of our time is stress. Stress can cause many illnesses. It causes many of them and can aggravate existent illnesses.
Stress can cause heart attacks.
Stress can cause cerebrovascular accidents.
Stress can cause cancer.

Stress has a big impact on our life and health and if we don’t do something about it, irreversible damage can appear on all levels. That is why MEDREFLEX LINE Medical Center has thought up a relaxation and anti stress treatment through massage.

Medical anti stress massage is very benefic. Every treatment works better and has much better results if an anti stress massage is applied. In our medical center, massage is accompanied by musical therapy. All of these are done in an intimate, pleasant and refreshing environment.
Medical massage impacts the peripheral nervous system and also the central nervous system. It also affects the vegetative nervous system. 

What matters:

  • The type of massage
  • The intensity of the massage

Depending on these factors, by the way in which they are applied, the desired therapeutical effect is obtained. A slow massage technique will have a calming, relaxing and soothing effect. Studies confirm that through relaxation massage endorphines are released in the central nervous system and these produce a state of wellbeing. Also this type of massage dynamizes blood flow and this leads to a better elimination of toxins and a better oxygen flow to the tissues, which again has a relaxing and refreshing result.

Stress produces toxins and these impair the good functionality of systems and apparatus. The anti stress massage techniques used by us eliminate these toxins. This is extremely useful and benefic against stress. Medical relaxation massage and anti stress massage, have a psychological effect, relaxing and refreshing the patient using it, it leads to a good physical and mental balance.

We invite you to take part in our anti stress massage sessions which we conduct at MEDREFLEX LINE Medical Center and you will notice that your physical and mental state will greatly improve.

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