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Body maintenance massage

A very important service which MEDREFLEX LINE Medical Center offers is that of body maintenance massage.

This special massage service is performed in an elegant setting, in a new fitting location, accompanied by the relaxing and revitalizing effect of musical therapy, meaning relaxing and strengthening through music.

At the work place, through performing the same repetitive movements, certain locomotory lesions may appear because of overworking. Body maintenance massage and light relaxing physical exercises prevent other complications from appearing or existent ones to aggravate and contributes fully in revitalizing normal muscular metabolism and resumes activity.

In MEDREFLEX LINE Medical Center, if it is necessary, the body maintenance massage is combined with other treatment techniques of medical recovery in which we are specialized, like thermo-homeopuncture. This is done only if thermal scanning indicates using this method.
A very important aspect which I want to emphasize is: those who do certain repetitive movements risk of contracting certain locomotory complications, certain muscle and ligament lesions or even nervous lesions, like carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnocarpal impaction syndrome, Guyon’s canal syndrome etc.

That’s why it is very important that these people do a preventive treatment through body maintenance massage sessions. If the patient already has one of the aforementioned syndromes, recovery is much harder than prevention and at the same time, much more expensive.
So we are waiting for you in our medical center to receive body maintenance massage sessions which will relieve you of a lot of problems, complications, a lot of extra costs, suffering, and can give you a very special tonus, giving you the strength to continue your life and activities in the best conditions.

Dr. Petre Muresan

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