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Effects of reflexotherapy


The short term effects of reflexotherapy over the human body are:

  • Elimination of toxins

  • Acceleration of blood and lymphatic flow

  • Relaxation of tense muscles

  • Ability to perform deep breaths

  • Normalization of several body functions and activities

  • Rise in awareness over our own body

  • Mental relaxation 


Long term effects of reflexotherapy:

The general long term effects are relaxation, balance and a general wellbeing. Some people feel these effects after their first session, some are in need of several sessions.

The main effects observed by patients are:

  • Improvement of sleep

  • A better handling of stressful situations

  • A higher level of energy

  • Rise in awareness over their body

  • A much stronger immune system

  • Maintaining a constant body homeostasis

  • Calibrating body functionality


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