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Lymphatic drainage massage

MEDREFLEX LINE Medical Center uses massage as a very powerful weapon against illness, degradation of tissues. Within our many types and techniques, lymphatic drainage massage takes on a very important role.

Almost all ancient civilizations from which we have written documents, used massage as a well established physical therapy. The first written data are from ancient China, ancient India and Babylon.

The Massage is a technique which has appeared with the manifestation of the first pains, as a gesture of protection, of defense against these pains. One at a time, humans understood more and more the importance and the extraordinary effects of massages. The vast and varied cultures of the peoples have lead to a large variety of massage techniques.

The Lymphatic drainage massage is a special massage technique. Its value is more and more recognized and it is more and more relied upon because it brings real results.
The purpose of the lymphatic drainage massage is to stimulate lymphatic flow. As a result, a better elimination of surplus liquids from the body is obtained and a better drainage of toxins.
This massage technique is met with a notable development in Europe especially after the 1930s. Manual lymphatic drainage massage is very wide spread and used in the USA. It is extremely useful in controlling the lymphedema after surgery in the case of breast cancer, thus being used as a control technique of lymphedema after mastectomy.
One session of lymphatic drainage massage lasts 50 minutes. Lymphatic drainage can be coupled from case to case, depending on necessities, with reflexotherapy.
In the case of lymphatic flow there are also specific reflex points. Massaging them can be extremely useful.
Also, lymphatic drainage massage is combined with movement, with kinesitherapy, thus obtaining a much better final result.

Following the lymphatic drainage massage, the volume of arms and legs can drop from 25 % to 65 %. This fact is backed up by accomplished authors. The long term effect will depend on the way blood flow is controlled, on movement, on alimentation, on the mental state, all of them have repercussions on the way lymphedema is controlled.
To be noted that this type of treatment must depend on functionality, aesthetics and emotional scars.


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