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Massage for sportsmen

MEDREFLEX LINE Medical Center offers sportsmen in all areas, special massage sessions, very useful in the development of sport performance and for a much faster and easier recovery following intense physical effort during practice and competitions.
Our medical center was chosen to offer sport massage to women handball players of U-Jolidon Cluj Women Handball Sports Club.

All these specialized massage sessions are performed in an elegant setting, in a fitting location, in an intimate environment and accompanied by the benefic effects of musical therapy, of relaxing and strengthening through music.

In the following lines I will bring forth several arguments that will convince you even more of how necessary, useful and benefic these sessions of sport massage are.
Sport Massage is practiced since antiquity. In the time of the roman emperor Marcus Aurelius, massage was recommended for gladiators before and after their fights in the arena. In time, the massage for sportsmen was used, developed and improved.
Also in our days massage is performed before and after sport competitions. As you can see during football games, a lot of times massage is used even during competition, especially if the players suffer accidents. To make the players recovery faster, oftentimes massage is used.
In what sport massage is concerned, we must make a very important statement.  It is very good, very useful, but it doesn’t replace the required physical training.


The effects of massage in sport:

  • Helps maintain physical performance

  • Reduces muscle contraction: a relaxed muscle performs much better than a rigid muscle

  • Reduces muscle pains

  • Makes the muscles and ligaments much more elastic

  • Improves blood and lymphatic flow

  • Makes for a much faster recovery after physical effort

  • In the absence of a proper warm-up, reduces muscle and ligament dysfunctionalities that may appear

  • Reduces stress and mental tension from before and during a sport competition

  • Improves cerebral blood flow, hence improves attention and performance of sportsmen

  • In the case of an elastic muscle, prepared through massage and stretching, complications following physical effort are greatly diminished

  • The massage performed before a competition improves performance

The massage performed after the competition improves and makes for a much faster recovery

Massage in sport can be applied using many techniques, depending on the type of sport practiced: a general massage can be applied, or are massaged only the muscle groups used extensively in the respective sport.

It is well known the fact that following muscular effort the metabolic rate of the muscle fiber grows and certain substances appear like lactic acid and carbon dioxide. These are responsible for muscle fatigue, rigidity, muscle contractions and sometimes even muscle lesions. The massage for sportsmen eliminates these products resulted from a high muscular metabolic rate, avoiding or greatly diminishing the aforementioned phenomena. It is recommended many times to combine massage with light and relaxing physical exercises.

Through these arguments we address to sport practitioners and we hope we have convinced them of how useful medical sport massage is. We hope they will use this extraordinary instrument in improving their performance and improving their recovery rate.

MEDREFLEX LINE Medical Center, through its professionals, is at your disposal for professional massage sessions, very useful and relaxing at the same time.


Dr. Petre Muresan

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