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Massage for the elderly

MEDREFLEX LINE Medical Center pays special attention to medical recovery treatments addressed to senior citizens.
One of the therapeutical methods we use in our center with great success is our massage for the elderly.

Age does not restrict medical massage. It can be applied even to people over 90 years of age.
This type of massage is tied to several specific aspects of senior citizens. The massage techniques used are similar to those done on adults, only these are applied much more gently and careful, depending on the health condition of the patient, of the physical, morphological and functional state. Also very important is the mental wellbeing of the patient. Depression must be treated a certain way, and this is done through a special type of massage.

In our medical center, medical massage, reflex massage and the other massage types are addressed to each individual person, so it is applied according to each particular case.

The benefic effects of the medical massage for senior citizens are as follows:

  • Improves mental wellbeing

  • Improves self esteem

  • Reduces pain

  • Improves mobility and movement

  • Improves toxin elimination

  • Improves peripheral and cerebral blood flow

In MEDREFLEX LINE Medical Center the medical massage for the elderly is also preparing the patient for other methods of treatment, like thermo-homeopuncture.
The length of the massage session in this case is shorter than the one performed on adults and is established in each case according to several parameters, some of which we mentioned earlier.
In this case, of senior citizens, the massage is done locally or regionally. Our center does not recommend and does not do general and lengthy massages, because they can be very irritating.

For all the benefic effects that it has, we invite you to use the medical massage in our center, assuring all our care and attention.

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