Professional Massage Salon in Cluj-Napoca
A professional team of masseurs and masseuses awaits you in order to provide a relaxing massage, according to the highest standards, in an intimate, pleasant surrounding
Mental benefits of massage therapy

Along with the well known effects massage has over a physical good health, less known is the very important effect which massage has over our mind, the way this affects mental balance and the general wellbeing of the patients.

Here are several of the mental gains of massage:

  • Inner peace

  • Stimulates mental relaxation

  • Removes psychological stress

  • Improves capacity of monitoring stress signals and resolving them accordingly

  • Improves creative capacity and calm thinking

  • It has gains at an emotional level

  • Satisfies the need of touch

  • Induces a general wellbeing

  • Reduces anxiety levels

  • Induces body awareness

  • Intensifies awareness over the mind-body relationship

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