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Reflex Massage (Reflexotherapy)

The word THERAPY comes from the greek language which means, a cry for help towards the earth. The Earth, indeed offers this help through everything it has: mineral and thermal springs, mud, clay, precious stones, homeopathic remedies and even the stones we step on that massage our reflexogenic zones located in our feet. I am sure that this is where reflexotherapy started, from the lesson nature gave to man, making him observe, that the elements of nature have a precise meaning and that we have to use all the gifts that they give to us.
So by asking the Earth for this help, calling out to its elements, nature, through its massaging stones, suggested to man ever since the dawn of time that this simple but so profound exercise, can represent a way of treating many afflictions.

Reflex massage or reflexotherapy starts from a very simple principle, which alternative medicine observed ever since antiquity, that every organ in the human body has a nervous ending on the surface of the body. And by massaging those certain areas, those nervous endings, a good health condition can be maintained and improved. This simple principle, observed naturally, today is often proved scientifically through the studies that are being done (I do this with the help of my thermograph).

Nervous endings are spread across the entire body surface, but, under the aspect of therapeutic importance, approximately 93% of them are situated in the foot, followed by the ones in the hands with 5%, and the rest of 3% being spread on the rest of the body.
Reflexotherapy, through working on these points, following a certain rule, after a certain technique, with a certain intensity and in a certain order, rebalances the body and puts it on the trajectory of good functionality, the trajectory of good health.

Reflexotherapy maintains your state of health, or helps you to regain lost health.


With the exception of those few counter-indications, which an experienced doctor must establish, reflexotherapy can be used in all possible afflictions. On our website we explained the uses of reflexotherapy on each apparatus, where we explained why it is used, how is used, through which mechanisms it works, which are the effects of the respective apparatus, also all the information we deemed were necessary, for a better understanding of the importance and value of this medical recovery method.

In this article, dedicated to a general knowledge of reflexotherapy, I want to point out only a few more important situations in which reflexotherapy is used:


  • Reflex massage for the thyroid gland

  • Reflex massage for sinuses

  • Reflex massage for cerebral blood flow

  • Reflex massage for eyes (for improvement of sight )

  • Reflex massage for maintaining or improving hearing

  • Reflex massage for maintaining or regaining balance

  • Reflex massage for the mouth cavity

  • Reflex massage for respiratory tract

  • Reflex massage for the cardio-vascular apparatus

  • Reflex massage for the digestive system (for each separate organ)

  • Reflex massage for the renal system

  • Reflex massage for the osteoarticular system (See TREATED AFFLICTIONS chapter)

  • Reflex massage for the immune system

  • Reflex massage for detoxification

  • Reflex massage for sexual dysfunction disorders (SDD) etc

But this must be done (and I insist), only under strict medical supervision, to obtain the maximum desired effect.
Even though we use reflexotherapy in every affliction, within MEDREFLEX LINE MEDICAL CENTER we specialize first of all, in medical recovery treatments, in the afflictions you can see in the Treated Afflictions chapter on our website.

Reflexotherapy can be used either as a standalone method, or like we use it, in much more complex medical recovery sessions, in which more therapeutical techniques are combined, which also you can find on our website in the Medical Services chapter.

Through its actions over the vascular system, over the endocrine system, over the excretory system, nervous and metabolic, reflexotherapy is an excellent medical recovery treatment, which we highly recommend. In our medical center reflexotherapy is not done by accident, but under strict control of the thermograph, giving it a solid scientific base and is recommended by its excellent results (also proven with the help of the thermograph).

Dr. Petre Muresan

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