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The relaxation massage and its benefits

The Medical Center MEDREFLEX LINE in Cluj Napoca, offers quality massage services, performed by professional masseurs, in our massage and reflexotherapy salons.


The Medical Center MEDREFLEX LINE, specialized in medical recovery methods and techniques, through natural means, assigns a great importance to all massage types, understanding their particular importance.
Among these, a special place is held by the relaxation massage and health maintenance massage. It is enough to read below the effects of relaxation massage, in order to see how important it is and why we give it so much attention.

The relaxation medical massage, body and health maintenance massage is so important that our center recommends everyone at least one massage session every week. Do this and be surprised by the effects, by how many things will become better in your body.
We recommend the relaxation massage to all those who perform various strenuous physical activities, but most of all, to those who perform an intellectual activity involving a high degree of sedentarism. Even after one massage session every week, they will be able to feel the positive effects of relaxation massage and see for themselves how many problems will disappear.

We recommend to the companies that want to have outstanding results from their employees to offer them at least on relaxation massage session every week (at our massage salon or even massage at the work place or office) and the results will show, through an increase in the professional efficiency and performance.

The massage mainly acts on the skin and, through it, on the more profound layers.
Massage has, first of all, a relaxing effect and then, a pain relieving effect (painkiller).
The pain relieving, painkilling effect of massage is based on the fact that both the skin and the nervous system have a common embryological origin.


The medical relaxation massage has a series of especially beneficial effects on the body:


  • Improves the function of the cardiocirculatory apparatus

  • Improves cerebral circulation and through this, it stimulates memory, attention, focus and efficiency

  • Improves considerably the professional performance

  • Improves venolymphatic circulation

  • Improves the function of the breathing apparatus

  • Improves the patient’s general condition

  • Reduces muscular fatigue

  • Improves sleep

  • Produces a general relaxation and a long term sedative effect

  • The general relaxation causes also a reflex reduction of pain

  • Improves the endogenous control of pain

  • Improves thermoregulation and the body’s capacity to keep its optimal temperature

  • The body becomes more elastic and the person moves more easily

  • Positively influences the activity of the spinal cord and through it, the vegetative nervous system, positively influencing the function of the internal organs

  • Very good psychological effects: the patient’s relaxation and comfort, physical and mental balance 

These are all strong arguments in order for every person to benefit from at least one relaxation and maintenance session every week. You can put your trust in our massage salon for a professional relaxation massage and you will notice many positive changes in your health condition. Your body will gain a completely different capacity to fight illnesses!



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