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Reflex Therapy at the patient's home

Relfexotherapy is a natural method of treatment that maintains a good and very efficient health condition and it is known and used ever since antiquity. Reflexotherapy stood the test of time because of its value. We have written and spoken about this method many times. (see also our article about reflexotherapy).

Willing to come to the aid of people who, out of various reasons, cannot or don’t have time to come to our medical center to receive the extraordinary effects of reflexotherapy, we now also perform reflexotherapy at the patients home.

So, now you can receive reflexotherapy conducted by experienced professionals, right in your own home. 
Apart from the regular massage, for which you need a special table, of a certain height and of a certain consistency, reflexotherapy can be easily applied at the patients home.

What we recommend

1. People who don’t have health problems, but who conduct tiring and stressful activities, that require prolonged sitting in a chair or a lot of standing up, we recommend reflexotherapy periodically (at least two times a year), because this technique helps the body a lot.

Through reflexotherapy, body toxins are eliminated, it activates arterial blood flow, vein blood flow and lymphatic flow of the body, it revitalizes nervous and endocrine systems, it regenerates and maintains a good consistency and tone of the skin, regenerates and maintains muscle tone, it regenerates and maintains at high levels, the immune system of the body.

2. For children of all ages reflexotherapy offers a huge help in the development of their body and mind, preparing and strengthening them for life and for the fight with several aggressive factors to which they will be exposed in the future.
 In conclusion, reflexotherapy offers a great health support, and we recommend it with all our conviction. 

For the best use of our sessions, we recommend a 10 session package, of 50 minutes each, performed daily, followed by maintenance sessions once a week. 

3. People who have certain pathologies, certain illnesses, must know they can find in reflexotherapy a great help and support in keeping a good and healthy condition. In this case we also recommend the 10 session package to be performed daily, followed by maintenance sessions once a week, for extended periods of time.

We wait for you with open arms and invite you to call us for an appointment at the telephone number: 0264 484555!

Dr. Petre Muresan 
Chief of Medicine, General Medicine 
Certificates in Homeopathy and General Ultrasound


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