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A professional team of masseurs and masseuses awaits you in order to provide a relaxing massage, according to the highest standards, in an intimate, pleasant surrounding
Massage services in Cluj Napoca

In the massage salon of Medreflex Line Medical Center you can receive the following massage types:


Relaxation massage

For those who perform tiring physical activities, but especially for those who perform intellectual activities which have a high level of sedentarism the relaxation massage is highly recommended. The massage has, first of all, a relaxing effect and then a pain calming effect. It has very benefic effects for the body: improves brain circulatory system and through this stimulates the memory, improves the general wellbeing of the patient, reduces muscle fatigue, improves sleep, etc. Don’t hesitate to rely on us for a relaxing massage when you feel tired, mentally exhausted or when you just feel you need to disconnect!


Body maintenance massage

Do you have a sedentary or demanding workplace? The everyday activities make you do repetitive movements with certain areas of the body (for example, many hours a day of work on the computer, prolonged sitting on a chair)?. These routine activities can lead to the deterioration of certain body structures and even to known afflictions (like carpal tunnel syndrome in the case of those who work for long periods of time on the computer). To prevent these afflictions and to cure them, our massage salon offers a specific type of massage: the body maintenance massage. Even for those who don’t suffer from these afflictions, a body maintenance massage session performed weekly can contribute to the normal muscle metabolism and helps maintain a good healthy condition and to avoid unpleasant effects caused by a sedentary lifestyle and work conditions.


Massage for the elderly

Is your age starting to show signs? Do you have health problems, more or less serious? Do you find movement hard, you don’t sleep very well or feel you lack energy? Our massage for the elderly can really help you! This type of massage is individualized in the sense that it applies differently, depending on each particular elderly person who wants to have this massage. Everything is done under the strict guidance of a doctor from our medical center. The massage techniques used are similar to those done on adults, only that the massage maneuvers are done much more gently and careful, depending on the health condition of the patient, of the physical state, morphologic and functional. Also, very important is the mental wellbeing of the patient; for example, to those that suffer from depression we offer a special type of massage.


Massage for sportsmen

This type of massage is especially for professional athletes. At the same time, amateur sportsmen who practice sports for a good physical condition can also receive this massage. Our massage salon offers sportsmen in any field, massage sessions specially conceived for a better performance, relief and a faster recovery following intense physical training during practice and competitions, for a good physical condition before any competition.

Our massage center is the sport massage supplier for women handball players of the U-Jolidon Cluj, Women Handball Sports Club.


Anti-stress medical massage

Unfortunately in our day and age, the majority of people are subject to excessive stress and a very unstable lifestyle. Stress is a major risk factor and can cause many serious afflictions and can do irreversible damage at every level of the human body, affecting it’s normal functionality. If you feel the acute effects of stress, if you cannot relax, rest and can’t enjoy life, we can offer you an efficient antidote and at the same time extremely pleasurable: anti-stress massage. In our medical center anti-stress massage is accompanied by musical therapy, a method of treatment which has an important role in improving physical and mental state. .

Reflex Massage (reflexotherapy)

If you suffer from certain afflictions, maybe not necessarily grave, but troublesome, and you want to try a different method of healing, which does not require medicinal drugs or other medical procedures, you can use the reflex massage. Reflexotherapy, through working on certain points on the surface of the body which connect with nerve endings of organs, with a certain intensity and in a certain order, can lead to a balance of the body and reposition it on a trajectory of good functionality. Through its effects over the vascular system, endocrine system, excretory system, nervous and metabolic systems, reflexotherapy is an excellent method of treatment and medical recovery, which we highly recommend for a wide range of afflictions.


Lymphatic drainage massage

Whether you want to eliminate toxins from your body and to lose weight, whether you are concerned about reducing cholesterol and improving your immune system, you can trust this type of massage. The Lymphatic drainage massage stimulates lymphatic circulatory system. As an effect there is a better elimination of surplus liquids in the body and a better elimination of toxins. In our massage salon, this lymphatic drainage massage is combined with movement - kinesitherapy, which contributes to much better results.

You are welcome in our massage salon in Cluj Napoca for good massage sessions, executed by professionals, under the guidance of doctors.


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